Recipe Expansion Pack

The Recipe Expansion Pack is a forge-based Minecraft mod that is currently a Work-In-Progress. It aims to add new items and recipes to Minecraft that keep in touch with Minecraft’s time period and survivalist roots. The current version of the mod is v0.1.5 and it adds things such as, Wooden Buckets, Compost, Quivers, Flags, Clear Glass and alternate ways to get blocks such Mossy Cobblestone, Grass, and Ice. Because the mod uses Forge installation is as simple as installing Forge and placing the “Jar” file in your mods folder. The mod also runs on the latest 1.7 branch of Minecraft.

Coffee and Tea Mod

The Coffee & Tea Mod fully implements coffee and tea into Minecraft. You can grow coffee and tea plants and crush the beans or leaves with a Mortar & Pestle. You can make cups and fill them with coffee and tea and then place them on the ground. Drinking coffee gives speed, while drinking tea gives regeneration. You can even add some sugar to your coffee if you would like.

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