My name is Richard, I am a YouTuber, a gamer and a programmer and this is the website where I develop and share my projects.

Minecraft Mods
I started programming mods for my Minecraft back in early 2012, however, I didn’t publish my first Minecraft mod (which uses Forge) until September 2013. If you would like to download my mods you can find them under the “Minecraft Mods” section in the top navigation bar. One of my most popular mods is my Coffee and Tea Mod which has gotten over 10,000 downloads since its initial release back in July 2014.

Spigot Plugins
Around the beginning of 2015, I really got into creating Spigot plugins. I have currently three publicly available plugins. Two of which are free and open source. I am most proud of my InventoryGames plugin which allows people to play 2048 in Minecraft. It is available for $5 and is a great addition to any hub server.

Minecraft Builds
In addition to Minecraft mods and plugins I also occasionally do some builds. So far I have completed two Redstone Smarthouses and I am also working on several other builds including a Medieval Town and a Suburban Neighborhood.