InventoryGames is a premium plugin sold on Spigot. You can purchase it here for $5.

InventoryGames is a plugin with a goal to allow players to play different games inside their inventory screen. Right now only one game is supported 2048. I will be updating this plugin frequently with bug fixes (if any are reported) and new features, and eventually other games.

Current Features

  • Ability to play 2048 in Minecraft.
  • Highscores are saved in a database.
  • Notification when you get a highscore.
  • Leaderboards stored in a databases.
  • Title Support (using TitleAPI)

Video Demonstration & Installation

You can purchase a copy of InventoryGames through Spigot. Currently the plugin costs $5, but the price may increase as I implement more features in the future. Click this link to go to the page. From there either login or make a SpigotMC account and you will then be able to purchase the resource over PayPal.