Recipe Expansion Pack
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The “Recipe Expansion Pack” mod is a public Work-In-Progress (Alpha) mod that adds new items and and recipes to Minecraft. I put a large emphasis on making these items and recipes add logical features that make sense with the world Minecraft is set in. The current version of the mod (v0.1.5) adds in new items such as Wooden Buckets, Compost, Quivers, Flag Poles, White Fences, and Clear Glass. The mod also adds recipes in addition to items, these recipes include ones that allow players to easily create grass blocks, mossy cobblestone, flint, and ice blocks. If you are interested in seeing items/recipes that are planned for the future releases look at the bottom section of the post.


3 replies “Recipe Expansion Pack
    • Glorfindel says:

      Sometimes 1.7.2 mods work in 1.7.10. If you can’t get it to work tell me and I will update it as soon as I finish and release the update for my Coffee & Tea Mod.

      • FernotheKnight says:

        Ok it does work! Altho the coffee and tea mod for what ever reason isn’t allowing me to place down the cups. Just telling you in case you didn’t know.

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